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About Us

This is a story that you have heard before…but it is always fun to read about. Two moms, two friends, two people that love to be creative and want to go a little beyond the kids craft time with their creativity…and help with the family income if possible! Z. Daisy was created in hopes of making life a little easier for moms and dads out there. Our best selling Binkie Bungee was created because we could not find a cute pacifier clip on the market that was soft and had a secure clip. We wanted to help keep those pacifiers and blankies off the dirty our "bungees" were born. As our children grow, we expand our line for fun things that our kids love...hence the girl's accessories. We hope that your little girls love them too.

We also both have a passion for our faith and want to bless others in our business adventure. Z. Daisy has contributed to Life International over the past few years and as of January 2010 will donate a percentage of our profits to Living Water ( to help build wells around the world for people to have clean drinking water. Thank you for shopping with Z. Daisy and we hope to hear from you in our Contact Us section of the site if you have any suggestions or comments about our line.